Board Architects/Engineers

Board Consulting

In the capacity of Board Consultants, FSI Architecture assists board managers of New York City co-operative and condominium buildings. The firm acts as the architects and engineers on call 24/7 for any issues related to the building and its systems. Consulting services in this case include determining the best course of action and decisions regarding a wide range of issues affecting the property. 

Specific Services Include:

  • Physical Inspections and Conditional Assessments. 
  • Development of long and short term planning. 
  • Preparation of construction documents for major capital projects and interior or exterior alterations. 
  • Local Law 11/98 Inspections and Reports. 
  • Review and evaluation of any proposed tenant alterations. 
  • Supervision of alterations to the building and individual units. 
  • Preparation of period reports summarizing all construction activities in the property and their status.