Building Forensics Services

What is Building Forensics?

Forensic investigation is the scientific method of gathering, testing, examining and evaluating conditions both current and past in order to understand what lies beneath the surface. In our world, building forensics specifically refers to the study and evaluation of problematic conditions in a building and its many systems. In this capacity, the FSI team will thoroughly investigate the integrity of the building and examine the property carefully through probing, testing and physical inspections.

Why might you need Building Forensics services?

A building owner or Board member who notices anything out of the ordinary in his or her building could need building forensics services. These issues often involve problems like ventilation, leaks, cracks in walls, uneven floors and many more. A forensic investigation allows our team to identify and locate reasons for these many failures so that appropriate solutions can be recommended. The goal is to always provide you with the necessary information to plan and execute repairs and restoration with long lasting solutions.

Specific Services Include:

  • Physical Inspection and Condition Assessment 
  • Building Department Review
  • Water Infiltration Condensation and Moisture Remediation
  • Follow-Up Testing
  • Indoor Air Quality Consultation
  • Waterproofing Consulting
  • Expert Witness Testimony